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God Jesus Christ holding the earth in his hands Inspirational Christian background pictures

god's hands holding the world in the universe
God Jesus Christ hold and saving the world as savior hq(hd) Christian inspirational power point background wallpaper
Our Earth saving by god in his hands - Inspirational Christian wallpaper

god's hand in space at the light house background picture
God Jesus Christ saving hands with light house background religious Christian photo
Jesus Christ saving hands - Christian religious Background

pigeon on the Christian Cross and Jesus Christ hands in the clouds of sky
A peace dove(pigeon) on one Big Cross and two small cross with Hands of God Jesus Christ background in the sky Christian Myspace glitter picture
god's hands in the clouds and golden Crosses with peace dove - Christian photo frame image

God saving by holding the Beautiful blue earth - Earth in God's Hands

world in god's hands - Nice Religious Christian photograph

Our World in Gods hands getting save by him
Earth(world) in the hands of God in space Inspirational Christian background picture for desktop
Earth(world) in the hands of God in space - Inspirational Christian desktop background picture

Come Come Come, God welcoming us to him - Inspirational religious image
God hands welcoming in the sky of Clouds Christian religious pictures gallery
God hands welcoming in the sky of Clouds

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I am telling you, Iam one picky Retired United States Marine(Vietnam Era), and if any of my former Marines were here they would tell you most definitely!! But you know what? they all came back home, Alive and in one peace.
The point that I am trying to present here, Is that I am one serious "Super JESUS Freak" and the way I look at it, everything and anything having to do with our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and HIS HOLY SPIRIT DESERVES the Utmost Reverence, nothing less and as long as i have been on the WWW I have never seen a more beautiful spiritual website. I only hope that other people give it the same respect that i do. You folks have done a wonderful job. I will become one of your daily readers and or partners. If there is anything i can do to help you just let me know. I am a student of Theology at the Liberty University of Divinity in Lynchburg,Virginia, hope and pray to attain my Doctorate.
May the Grace of GOD be with you always.
Salvador Monteverde