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Peter Walks on Water with Jesus Christ story and verse with pictures and coloring page for children and kids

Peter walking on the water while God's son Jesus Christ calling Peter hq(hd) wallpaper
Peter walking on the water towards Jesus Christ
Scripture Reference:

Matthew 14:22-33. This story is also told in Mark 6:45-52 and John 6:16-21, however, the account of Peter walking on the water is not included in these references.
Peter walking on water to the god Jesus Christ coloring page sermon for children(kids) picture
Peter walking on water coloring page
After feeding the five thousand, Jesus sends his disciples ahead of him in a boat to cross the Sea of Galilee. Several hours later in the night, the disciples encounter a storm. Jesus comes to them, walking on the water. This terrifies the disciples and they think they are seeing a ghost. Jesus tells them in verse 27, "Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid."

Peter replies, "Lord, if it's you, tell me to come to you on the water." So Jesus invites Peter to come. Peter gets out of the boat and begins walking on the water toward Jesus. But when Peter takes his eyes off Jesus and sees the wind and waves, he begins to sink. Peter cries out to the Lord and Jesus immediately reaches out his hand and catches Peter. As they climb into the boat together, the storm ceases. Then the disciples worship Jesus, saying, "Truly you are the Son of God."
Jesus Christ in white dress in sea walking on water with help with hand to Peter at the ship of dispels color pic
Jesus Christ given help to Peter
Points of Interest from the Story:

• Jesus sends the disciples away so he can get alone on the mountainside and pray. Even in his busy schedule, spending time with God is a priority for Jesus.

• The disciples, even though they have spent much time with Jesus, don't recognize him in the storm. Sometimes we don't recognize the Lord when he comes to us in the middle of our "storms."
• Peter doesn't begin to sink until he starts looking around at the wind and the waves. Taking our eyes off Jesus, and focusing on the difficult circumstances will cause us to get under our problems. But when we cry out to Jesus, he catches us by the hand and raises us above the seemingly impossible surroundings.
• Peter starts out with good intentions, but his faith falters. This does not, however, end up in failure. Peter, even in his fear, cries out to the Lord, the only one who can help him.

• When Jesus gets in the boat, the storm ceases. When we have Jesus "in our boat" the storms of life will be calmed and we can worship Him.

Peter praying god Jesus Christ while he walking on sea water in the storm with Jesus Christ black and white drawing art image photo
Peter taking help of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ walking on sea water with red shawl and white dress drawing art image
Jesus Christ walking on sea water image

Peter praying God Jesus Christ color art image gallery
Peter praying God Jesus Christ

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